2021-10-09 17:40:41
World Cancer Day 丨Care for breast health
People may be familiar with food health, while few people pay attention to healthy dressing. Many people don't know that poor quality clothes may also lead to health problems. Some inferior clothes contain excessive formaldehyde and carcinogenic aromatic amine, which pose a great threat to our health.

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, breast cancer has overtaken lung cancer for the first time in 2020 to become the one with the highest incidence in the whole world. Unlike other cancers, breast cancer is a disease with a strong gender identity. This makes the pains of patients not only coming from the physical level, but also from psychological, social and other dimensions.

Aromatic amine is generally used for cheap clothing. Therefore, for the sake of our health, when buying clothes, especially underclothes, we should try to choose the brands with good quality assurance. Zhishi underwear adopts the first-class standard in production, thereby keeping you away from the harm of carcinogenic aromatic amine, formaldehyde and so on, and providing unapparelled care for your delicate breasts.

Next, let’s learn how to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

1. Maintain a healthy body weight and avoid excessive obesity
2. Have a healthy diet. Stay away from smoking, alcohol, fried, preserved and grilled food, eat less processed meat, and have less sugary drinks
3. Stay away from estrogen-rich products (if you have to take estrogens, take them under the guidance of a professional doctor)
4. Work and rest on a regular basis
5 Take regular physical examinations

What misunderstandings do we have about breast cancer?

Does wearing underwear increase the risk of breast cancer?

Many female friends believe that wearing underwear, especially those with steel ring, will affect the chest blood circulation, and will very likely induce breast diseases and even breast cancer.

The factors inducing breast cancer can be divided into two main categories. One category refers to familial genetic factors, and the other includes external estrogen treatment, bad living habits, bad mood, obesity and other external factors.

One thing is clear: wearing underwear is not a risk factor for breast cancer. In addition, a study report published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, the official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, stated that wearing underwear has nothing to do with breast cancer.


Moreover, the underwear with a right size can support the breast steadily and share the weight of the chest with the body. Underwear made of comfortable fabrics can protect delicate breasts and reduce the friction of nipples against clothing. Wearing the right underwear would not result in breast cancer, but quite on the contrary it can avoid the damage caused to the breast in daily life and sports.


Can breast massage help eliminate tumor lumps?


Many people believe that massage can eliminate breast tumors. In fact, breast cancer and other malignant tumors can grow very fast, massage can not eliminate them, but in the opposite it will stimulate their growth and make the disease deteriorate.




Can folk prescriptions cure breast cancer?


Because of the special locations of breast cancer, some women are too shy to tell others and can only look for some folk prescriptions on the Internet. However, they have not been tested scientifically and their effects are not known. In addition, different breast cancer patients may have totally different conditions, so it is necessary to seek medical help from professional doctors and formulate professional and scientific treatment methods according to their own conditions. If this disease is not treated in a timely manner, cancer cells would spread rapidly, resulting in rapid deterioration and ultimately threatening life.