Development History

Development History

Foshan Zhishi Garments Co., Ltd. was established in the ‘Underwear Capital of China’ – Yanbu in Apr. 2018. At early stage of company’s establishment, its main business was brand underwear processing in Yanbu Region. In 2018 when the underwear market was booming, the orders in Yanbu Region surged. The production lines of many factories were bursting. Foshan Zhishi Garments Co., Ltd. saw the opportunity, and then it established excellent production line to be specialized in processing business of medium and high-end brand underwear.

Because the business of processing orders became stable and products’ quality was recognized by customers, Foshan Zhishi Garments Co., Ltd. started to research, develop and design underwear by itself from 2019. It supplies finished products to brand sides and provides professional OEM one package service for brand sides. From underwear design from the source to production of finished products, company’s earnings and competitiveness are improved while customers’ stickiness is strengthened.

After orders are increasing, company launched a long-term cooperation deployment with many old brand processing factories in Yanbu Region quickly, which greatly expanded the company’s capacity and production scope. Foshan Zhishi Garments Co., Ltd. had 15 sub-contractors and 30 production lines at the peak time. Some difficult products were produced and the quality was high, including shapewear and shaping pants, and the underwear in more than 80 processes. Tolerance was controlled within 1mm.

At the end of 2019, annual turnover of Foshan Zhishi Garments Co., Ltd. reached RMB 20.09 million. Company was listed on ‘2020 Provincial Fund Projects to Promote Small and Micro Enterprises to Scale Up’ of The People’s Government of Guangdong Province and ‘Cultivation Awards of Enterprises above Designated Size in 2020’ supported by Foshan Municipal Government. Foshan Zhishi Garments Co., Ltd. obtained the fund support of provincial government and municipal government in 2020 and 2021, including partial tax refunds and rewards, RMB 879,000 in total.